Real life and real death

Today I was traveling back home from job on foot and looked at the people that were driving on a bus. Not sure, but it looked like it was warm and cozy in there, but nevertheless, I got stunned by the dead faces I saw in there. They were standing still and staring out. Just as if they don’t go home, but like it’s their final journey. Then I looked upon myself and felt my chains have left me…

It seems that the only way not to be chained in this life is to leap out of this existence. More you leap out – less the impact on your inner peace.

To be out of your body and out of your logical mind is called death, although I’m not sure is that the death, or this what most call living is the real death.
I’ll stick with the widely spread explanation. “Civilized” one. For the sake of discussion.

I have chosen to die in this life.
And until something or someone again gives me the reason to live and to be shackled, I believe I’ll choose to stay dead. Out of logical mind. Out of body with at least the better part of me.
I guess I’ll even put the effort not to be dragged in again, unless I wish it so. That’ll be the day.

I suggest you, noble reader, try the same. Leap out and try not to come back. Maybe it’s the only lesson we need to learn.