Little story about the sparrow, cow and cat

Once upon a time, there was a little sparrow. He was just an average sparrow, flying around and stuff.
It was a cold winter day, but our sparrow was flying around very cheerfully. After all, he had a bunch of food in his warm nest and was pretty happy about that.
As he wandered around, he didn’t mentioned that it’s getting darker and colder, and before he realized it, he found himself lost on the outskirts of the big woods…

He sat on the branch and started thinking what to do, but since it was dark, he couldn’t find his way home. So he sat, hoping that someone will arrive and help him out.
Noone came and it just got colder and darker…

After many hours, our little sparrow felt that his strength is wearing out, and by time, he felt sleepy. Little did he know that when you feel sleepy on a big cold – it’s not a good sign. Not at all.

Finally, exhausted, he lifelessly fell on the ground. He saw a bright light coming out from the sky and he knew he was dying. He felt quite comfortable and warmth started spreading through his body. He felt that he is lifting up to the sky, to the light and finally he heard beautiful music followed by a…


The big cow, without even noticing him, just eased on her stomach (or should we say “laid her brick”) on our little sparrow who was on the ground.

“Other than the smell, it’s not bad at all” – said our little sparrow once he got warm and cozy below the cow’s shit.
A hour later, he even started the joyful chirping. He was a happy sparrow, thankful to his destiny and good fortune.

What he was about to learn soon is that a cat was walking around in his vicinity. That, itself would not be a big problem, but alas, cat was very hungry.

So, cat, who heard the joyful chirping, also thanked her destiny for being good to her and providing such an easy meal.

“It smells like shit, it looks like shit, but it’s actually delicious” – cat was thinking for herself. She dug out and gulped our little sparrow. Poor sparrow didn’t saw it coming.

Our story ends here, but there are couple of facts to learn from it:

1. The one who shits on you is not necessarily your enemy.
2. It’s not always bad to be in deep shit.
3. The one who takes you out of the deep shit is not necessarily your friend.
4. When you are in the pool of shit – keep your mouth closed and do be quiet.